RubikX Webstores Platform

Modern, Scalable and most sophisticated platform for the Promotional Products Industry

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Our Vision

Accelerate Digital Transformation for Distributors through Innovation at Scale.

Our Mission

Enable seamless user experience, reduced time to market, and overall cost savings via Automation

Our Commitment

No Distributor left behind. We strive to provide an end-to-end superior experience for all parties involved.

Live Inventory

Order what you can get. No more back orders or the painful calls!

Real-time Purchase orders direct to Suppliers/Decorators

Direct integration with vendors using Promo Standards APIs enables Purchase Orders to be submitted in real-time ensuring timely fulfillment.

We also support variety of integrations (API or otherwise) with systems such as NetSuite, Quickbooks and more.

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Realtime Status & Notifications

End-to-End visibility of your order processing workflow in near real-time. 

Promo Standards API
2Ship, Ship Station..
3PL (Custom APIs)
Domestic & International
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Platform Capabilities

All the features that you could ever ask for, and if we don't have it, we build it and quickly.

 Unlimited Themes

 Store set up in minutes


 3rd party integrations

 Budgets, Coupons, Gift cards

 SSO (SAML, Microsoft AD)

 PCI Compliance

 Shipping, Taxes, Payments

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